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To tourists

"Sushi Kotoku," where you can
eat traditional Japanese sushi


Sushi Kotoku, located in Takasago, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, continues to protect the good and old history of sushi.
The restaurant only has seven seats at the counter.
We only serve sushi which the shop owner is satisfied with, made with high-quality ingredients and traditional tools and techniques.

We accept no compromise in serving truly high-quality, special sushi, which brings the best out of ingredients which we can stand behind.

The restaurant is located near the "Yakuin Station" of the Tenjin-Omuta line of the Nishitetsu Railroads.
Come and experience Kotoku's taste.

Innovation through tradition

Before electricity, straw baskets known as "waraizumi" were used to preserve cooked rice in its tastiest state.
Nowadays, there are rice pots to keep the rice warm, and waraizumi are rarely ever seen.
However, the waraizumi slowly lowers the rice's temperature and absorbs the right amount of moisture to create a delicious "shari", the rice portion of sushi.
The baskets, hand-woven one by one, are beautiful in themselves and are an indispensable item for our restaurant.


The technique of avoiding touch

"Honte-Gaeshi" is a good and old traditional sushi-making technique.
Nowadays, the number of sushi chefs using another technique called "Kote-Gaeshi," has increased. However, we believe that Honte-Gaeshi is the best technique for binding traditional ingredients in a good balance and serving sushi at the perfect temperature.
In our restaurant, we make sushi with an unique variation of Honte-Gaeshi with fewer touches. We try to avoid touching the ingredients as much as possible to preserve their natural taste.




4or5 said dishes
12 types sushi


4or5 said dishes
10 types sushi

*VAT is included.

Enjoy Kotoku's sushi, made with carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality.
We put all of our heart in every single piece of sushi, to let you enjoy both the anticipation of waiting for it to be ready and the happiness of biting onto it.
If there are any particular ingredients which you are allergic to or which you do not like, please contact us beforehand.


*VAT is included.
Last entry until 13:30.

10 types sushi
4or5 said dishes
10 types sushi
4or5 said dishes
12 types sushi

Drink menu

Bottled beer Sapporo black label
Soft drinks from
Sake from
Bottled wine

Restaurant information

Restaurant name Sushi Kotoku
Telephone 092-531-2311
Please tell us that you saw our website to allow us to serve you more smoothly.
Address 〒810-0011
1st floor, Ebisu Hills building, 1-22-10 Takasago, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Access Five minutes on foot from the "Yakuin Station" of the Tenjin-Omuta line of the Nishitetsu Railroads and the Nanakuma line of the Fukuoka City Subway.
Opening hours (lunch): From 12:00 to 15:00
(dinner): From 18:00 to 22:00
Irregular holidays
Seats seven
It is possible to reserve the whole restaurant (please contact us)
Parking for two cars (please contact us beforehand)
Credit cards accepted (VISA/Master/JCB/AMEX/Diners/Discover)
*We have gotten a service fee.
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About reservations

Cancellation policy

The following fees will apply depending on the day on which the cancellation is made. Thank you for your understanding.

One week to three days in advance: 50% of the price
Two to one day in advance: 100% of the price
If you are late for more than 30 minutes, please contact us. Please note that if we do not hear from you, we may consider your reservation canceled. Thank you for your understanding.
Please note that we will ask you to pay for any damage you or your children cause inside the restaurant.
If there are any particular ingredients which you are allergic to or which you do not like, please contact us beforehand.

Reservations also accepted through Facebook.